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Stories of Hope

Alana's Story

Alana's Story

Over the years, my husband and I have fostered and adopted 14 children – all of whom have had special needs and all of whom we love with all our hearts. 我们的第一个孩子被诊断患有双相情感障碍和精神分裂症, and we knew from the beginning that there were going to be many things out of our control and we would need to seek professional help.

我开始意识到,尽管我们的家庭确实是独一无二的, 每个家庭都面临着自己的特殊情况,往往需要外界的帮助. All of us have our own story!

We had tried other agencies…unsuccessfully.

在被转介到社区儿童指导诊所之前,我们在另一个机构呆了一段时间. However, it was rarely a pleasant experience. 除了没有得到必要的治疗,环境也令人不满意. From broken toys to a lack of cleanliness, 没过多久,我们就决定寻找其他能帮助我们和女儿的地方.

14年前参加CCGC是我们做过的最好的决定. 从一开始,我们就在那里感觉很舒服. 接待员蒂娜非常热情,候诊室也很温馨. 当我们在那里照顾女儿时,我们的其他孩子都受到了工作人员的善待. 在CCGC,你首先是一个人,而不仅仅是一个有心理健康问题的孩子的人.

多年来,随着我们继续为其他孩子提供bet365官方英国365服务, we have been so happy with how we are treated as a real family. 很多地方会称我们的孩子为“养子”或“养女”.” But at CCGC, we are looked at like any other family.

I don’t know where we would be without their help.

Our family has been very fortunate with CCGC’s services. Five of our children (and now three grandchildren) have received exceptional care from the clinicians and we have been astounded with how accessible they have made themselves. Even if we call, email or text in the middle of the night, we will assuredly receive some type of follow-up the next morning – even if it’s just to ask if we are all okay.

他们跳出框框思考,不断研究创新的方法来对待每个孩子. 有一次,我们的儿子不吃东西了,我们不知道该怎么办. 我们的临床医生,当时,自己负责寻找他会感兴趣的食谱. 她继续以一种特别适合他需要的方式与他联系并对待他.

One thing I can say for certain is 工作人员真的很关心我们,一切都是为每个孩子量身定制的. 他们考虑长期目标,并确保即使在他们离开后,家人也能保持联系. Students in the CCGC School also benefit from individual attention and small class sizes – both of which help them in and outside the classroom.

Several years ago, I was asked to join CCGC’s Board of Directors as a parent representative and I jumped at the chance of becoming part of the agency’s future. 从那以后,我看到对心理健康服务的需求急剧增加. At the same time, 康涅狄格州已经从健康和人类服务项目中撤出了大量资金, and continues to threaten that more cuts will come. In these times of uncertainty, 确保CCGC有必要的手段保持较小的规模是非常重要的, community-focused, family-friendly agency that it has been for the past 60 years.

But they can’t do it alone!

As a community, 我们需要团结起来,消除家庭为子女寻求心理健康服务的障碍. 与 your support, CCGC can continue providing the innovative clinical resources and educational tools necessary to make a world of difference for a child who is scared and struggling to live a “normal” life.

Please, make a gift online today...并帮助CCGC中其他与精神疾病作斗争的家庭!


与 deepest gratitude,

Alana Parkinson
Mom and CCGC Board Member

P.S. - Did you know that CCGC has been supporting children and their families for 60 years and has changed thousands of lives across the Greater Hartford Region? Celebrate this special anniversary with a gift today! Thank you!